The Federal Government has announced an $18 million industry-led mentoring program in a bid to stop the alarming attrition rate of apprentices.


The Australian Apprenticeship Mentoring Package will aim to provide support to more than 12,000 apprentices over the next year, with projects being driven by the needs of industry and will target all occupations in emerging or demonstrated skills need.


Minister for Tertiary Education and Skills, Senator Chris Evans, announced the program which will see industry work directly with students, parents, job-seekers and schools to give tailored advice on best training choices for the individual.



This new approach is centred on the needs of industry and puts them at the heart of the apprentice system,” Senator Evans said.

“Completion rates for Australian Apprenticeships are currently around 50 per cent which is far too low.

“This support and advice will help increase retention rates, particularly in the crucial first year of training, and address the critical skills needs of the economy,” Senator Evans said.

“Lifting apprenticeship completion rates not only gives individuals the training they need to get higher skilled, higher paying jobs, but it is crucial for our economy.

“Skills Australia has estimated that in the five years to 2015, Australia will need an additional 2.1 million people in the workforce with higher VET qualifications.
“A failure to address this shortfall will leave the economy short of the skills it needs to grow.”