A new school funding deal will see Catholic and independent schools receive an extra $4.5 billion.

Scientists have found what appears to be the earliest confirmed animal in the geological record.

Experts want to ban the sale of caffeinated energy drinks to children and young people.

A school scheme in WA is pairing disadvantaged student with members of the West Australian Symphony Orchestra (WASO).

The Great Barrier Reef Foundation expects to spend more than $7 million on administration this financial year.

Scientists have been urged to be more open with the public about how and why lab-animals are used.

Experts say Australia’s health system is under strain and in urgent need of transformation.

Experts have raised alarm about “an epidemic of child abuse and neglect” in Australia.

A new report suggests Australia is facing a massive shortage of digital skills in the workplace.

Researchers say a revolutionary business mindset can be taught.

Vaccination rates appear to have increased since welfare payments were cut for unvaccinated children.

The Australian Academy of Science wants input on a national plan to get more women in STEM fields.

Australian researchers are training AI to spot breast cancer.

CSIRO has joined with law and tech firms to create blockchain-based legal contracts.

Australia's run of jobs growth has continued.

Queensland wants to become a leader in Australia's space race.

A major business leader says there is “hard evidence” of unconscious bias at work at some STEM organisations.

Evidence of ancient cheese has pushed back the origin date for the delicious snack.

The ACT is considering raising the bar on what students can be suspended for.

Federal public servants from a range of departments will soon take part in cyber wargames.

Quantum physicists may have found a new answer to the ‘chicken or egg’ paradox.

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