The next rounds of research grants have been delayed while the Government applies its new “national interest” test.

Australia’s top coral expert has been acknowledged for his courage in promoting science.

South Australia has signed up to the Federal Government's new schools funding agreement.

A new project will help Brisbane residents with hayfever and seasonal asthma keep a check on levels of grass pollen in the air.

Financial intelligence agency AUSTRAC has warned non-profits are vulnerable to terrorist infiltration and exploitation.

A new institute has been launched to transform the cultural status of mathematics in Australia.

A crowdfunding campaign aimed at one of Australia’s most iconic but endangered animals has been launched this week.

An upcoming meeting should see the standard kilogram changed.

Australia’s new face-matching system will be prone to misreading non-Caucasian faces, experts say.

Anglican schools are pushing to keep discriminating on the basis of sexuality.

Research suggests alcohol advertising restrictions are unlikely to reduce young people’s exposure to alcohol marketing.

Australian researchers have dated some of the oldest known figurative art.

The New South Wales Government has announced a new $712 million fund for public schools.

Experts say systemic change is needed to tackle suicide in the health workforce.

A petition with over 2,000 signatures has urged SA to re-open a sleep laboratory at the new Royal Adelaide Hospital.

The number of children seeking gender reassignment surgery is surging, stats suggest.

Australia’s elimination of rubella is a powerful sign that that vaccinations work, according to health minister Greg Hunt.

Around a third of Australia’s foreign workers earn $12 an hour or less.

A set of 250,000-year-old teeth have revealed unprecedented detail about ancient children.

A new program is giving dental students a unique opportunity to practice administering injections in a virtual reality environment.

The ACCC says fake aboriginal art is a serious issue.

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