Physicists have found more indications of a fifth fundamental force of nature.

Research suggests kids may have taken a significant hit to their learning progress during lockdowns.

New research suggests areas with more misogynistic tweets have higher incidences of domestic and family violence.

A global human rights report has taken specific aim at Australia’s Indigenous deaths in custody.

The Morrison Government has been accused of “tampering” with an NDIS review.

Services Australia has been criticised for continuing to raise money through ‘robodebts’ after the scheme had been ruled unlawful.

Research suggests that not only do brain cells keep living after we die, some can grow to gargantuan proportions.

The first ever powered, controlled flight on another planet will take place in coming days.

NBN Co is seeking feedback on its proposed $300 million Regional Co-investment Fund.

The most popular schools in NSW continue to grow despite a cap on enrolments.

The new Assistant Women’s Minister has been accused of undermining survivors of sexual assault.

The Royal Australian Mint has launched a new coin commemorating Indigenous men and women who have served in the military.

A NSW community grants program has been labelled “a brazen pork-barrel scheme”.

The genetic signal of Aboriginal Australians has been found in South America.

Australia’s scientific community has called on the Morrison Government to aim for net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

High-tech analysis has been applied to some of the oldest artworks in the world.

CSIRO has welcomed planned US tests of its next-gen solar thermal technology.

Business schools are responding to the increasing lack of Chinese markets.

The NSW Court of Appeal has dismissed Kathleen Folbigg’s appeal, despite a push by Australia’s leading scientists.

A new study shows higher education levels are linked to higher levels of wellbeing for Australian women.

Traditional Owners and scientists are meeting to form a First People’s-led response to climate change.

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Even though many of us have been forced indoors, the COVID-19 crisis is eroding our privacy.

I am Tim Hall; a red-blooded, beer-drinking, Commodore-driving Australian male who has no interest in watching sports – at least, not the sports played by humans.

This week marked an astounding leap forward, scientifically speaking - taking a picture of something that cannot be seen.

Chiropractic is a surprisingly popular form of alternative medicine - so mainstream that it’s hardly ‘alternative’ and so non-scientific that it’s barely ‘medicine’.

Our cars are being programmed to kill us.

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