The Federal Government is having a tough time convincing the states to adopt a Year 1 phonics test.

ANU has released 18 terabytes of imagery from its SkyMapper telescope.

ACOSS wants the Senate to reject the cashless welfare card program.

Catholic school teachers in the ACT and NSW have rejected a proposed new employment agreement.

Australian experts have programmed 20 years’ worth of research into a virtual reality recreation of an ancient Cypriot theatre.

The WA Government has announced $64 million worth of education spending cuts.

Scientists have discovered a species of marsupial lion in that has been extinct for at least 19 million years.

Victoria’s corruption watchdog has found evidence of a $2 million TAFE scam.

Australia has shot up the international rankings in Year 4 reading ability.

Research has identified a cycle in which children who sleep badly are more likely to act out, and acting out means they are more likely to sleep badly.

The University of Melbourne is using a large grant to support Indigenous students on their journey from high school to the workplace.

Women's health groups have secured better menstrual health education to raise awareness about endometriosis.

Charities, NGOs and research groups are unhappy about the Federal Government’s proposed foreign donations crackdown.

The WA Education Department is cutting almost 200 positions from its central and regional offices.

A scathing audit of TAFE SA has revealed substandard courses and led to calls for management to resign.

CSIRO has launched a new book to explain the crucial role oceans play in the lives of all Australians.

New research reiterates the link between body and mind, or in this case – nutrition and psychosis.

The Business Council says more funding will be needed to avoid massive skills shortages.

A new report has painted a disturbing picture of heavy drinking and sexual harassment at elite colleges.

Leases have been signed at what could be the site of Australia's first commercial space centre.

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