A handwritten letter in which Albert Einstein grapples with the concept of religion has sold for AU$3.9 million.

The WA Government has announced it will build five new primary schools for Perth's expanding outer suburbs.

CSIRO says its new satellite will help lift the veil on our extreme environment.

Darwin Lord Mayor Kon Vatskalis has moved to douse concerns about his wife's links to the Chinese Government.

NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft has finally arrived at Bennu – a lump of rock orbiting the Sun between Earth and Mars.

An international group of scientists, including Australians, has detected the most massive binary black hole merger yet witnessed.

The Federal Government has announced changes to its controversial school chaplains program.

New evidence shows extreme mental health suffering on Nauru due to ...

Electronic stimulation in the right part of the brain can improve the mood of people who suffer from depression, researchers say.

A Chinese company wants to provide free satellite internet worldwide by 2026.

Students across the country have gone on strike and held protests over the lack of political action to address climate change.

Teachers have walked off the job and swarmed South Australia’s Education Department ...

There is great concern this week about reports that the world’s first genetically edited babies have been born in China.

Researchers have found evidence of changes in climate coinciding with the first wave of European settlement of Australia.

Mars has a new robot resident after a successful touchdown this week.

The Australian Academy of Science has outlined its priorities for the 2019 federal election.

Drones are being used to provide a new perspective into shark behaviour.

Australian-led research has found air pollution may increase the risk of intellectual disabilities in kids.

Australia has made its first commercial rocket launch with a craft sent skyward from rural Queensland.

A major NBN supplier has been targeted by a $400 million class action.

School kids are going on strike next week to protest climate inaction.

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