Somehow, a NSW high school has taught senior students the wrong maths course.

New research suggests it is hard to promote the success of vaccination, but easy to scare mothers with the risks.

Outrage is being whipped up over the Safe Schools program again.

The leader of a finance education group has reflected on the effect of modern payment systems on kids’ financial literacy.

Students at a Sydney high school will have to re-sit HSC trial exams after the test papers appeared ahead of time.

Australia’s official unemployment rate is down to 5.6 per cent.

ANU scientists are solving the mysteries of how life as we know it first emerged.

Not doing climate science is costing the government millions.

Feathers have been firmly rustled by a decision not to refer to January 26 as Australia Day.

Australia's chief medical officer has launched a new campaign to combat anti-vaccination myths.

The ACCC has some concerns about a proposed merger between ...

A new study says teachers are struggling to deal with primary schoolers who exhibit inappropriate sexual behaviour.

The Royal Hobart Hospital has Tasmania's largest public hospital has been stripped of its accreditation for psychiatry care training.

More than 100 scientists and policymakers have met in Canberra ...

The ego-stripping nature of psychedelic drugs could help mental health treatment, according to academics at the University of Adelaide.

A new study looks at why some women support sexist social systems that actually disadvantage them.

Engraved human bones unearthed in the UK may have been engraved as part of a cannibalistic ritual during the Palaeolithic period, research shows.

The Victorian Government is looking for philanthropic funding for its big heart hospital plans.

Australia's newest hospital will be stripped of orthopaedic surgeon training accreditation from next year.

Australian researchers have helped create the most accurate measurement ever made of dark matter in the universe.

The Prime Minister has kicked the can of Indigenous recognition further down the road.

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