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Leading Transformation in Education

Leading Transformation in Educationwill provide senior education managers, policy-makers and lead professionals with the opportunity to broaden and deepen their ability to lead and navigate the necessary transformation in their institution or system.

Led by David Albury and Tony Mackay, and drawing on a wealth of international learning and research, but rooted in the realities of participants' experience, this workshop will be both practical and theoretical and support participants to develop a transformation roadmap for their workplace.

Program overview

Education systems and institutions at every level are facing serious challenges and significant opportunities.  Just some of these challenges are:

23rd NSW Coastal Conference 2014

23rd NSW Coastal Conference 2014

Hosted by Shoalhaven City Council

The NSW Coastal Conference Committee invites you to participate in our annual state Conference, hosted this year by Shoalhaven City Council. The theme for the 23rd Coastal Conference is:

Our coast..... a sustainable resource for everyone

The conference will consider the wide range of benefits the coast offers in underpinning social, economic, cultural and environmental values for everyone including Aboriginal communities, coastal communities, tourists, businesses, oyster farmers etc. There will be particular focus on linking research to management and on community participation in managing a sustainable coastline.

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