A new report has linked a STEM teacher shortage in NSW to lack of data on who is qualified.

The PM says he would support plans for schoolkids to sit a digital licence test, similar to the old-fashioned pen licence.

The federal government has committed $3 million to help to prevent young people from taking their own lives.

Paediatrician and children's rights advocate Sue Packer has been named the 2019 Senior Australian of the Year.

Researchers want robots to detect emotions in human speech to enable more natural conversations.

A new study has found children draw different depictions of themselves depending on who is looking.

Authorities recommend everyone apply sunscreen daily as part of a regular morning routine.

The NSW Government has apologised after tens of thousands of HSC certificates were printed with the wrong date.

The Victorian Government has called for a review of English language entrance requirements.

Schools across the country are resisting the push to offer pants and shorts as options for girls' uniforms.

Unemployment dipped down to 5 per cent in December despite soft economic conditions.

Sir David Attenborough has told economic leaders that the planet faces destruction without proper climate change responses.

The NSW Government has given an update on its $6 billion plan for school upgrades.

A new plan seeks to stop disabled people being segregated from mainstream life by physical barriers.

The Chinese scientist who claimed to have edited the genes of twin babies could face the death penalty.

Scientists at CERN have released plans for a new particle collider four times larger than the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

Experts say smartphones come with some major risks, ergonomically speaking.

A new study has found the strongest opponents to GM food think they know the most, but tend to know the least.

A new partnership aims to supercharge the development of new vaccines.

Experts say Antarctica is melting more than six times faster than it did in the 1980s.

China’s space agency says cotton seeds planted on the far side of the Moon have sprouted.

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