South Australia wants the former Royal Adelaide Hospital site to house the nation's new space agency.

The head of UNSW has laid out his vision for the future of Australian universities.

Australia is trailing the rest of the developed world in research funding, the major university lobby says.

Australian scientists have discovered the oldest colours in the geological record.

The Federal Government is considering making Australian universities prioritise science and maths in teaching degrees.

Zoos Victoria has dumped Nestle products from its zoos over a palm oil controversy.

Opponents are mounting against Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel’s ideas for AI regulation.

The Australian National University’s computer network has been compromised.

A new survey has revealed some of the challenges on the way to fully-automated driving.

Researchers say most people are still not aware of the full danger of smoking.

Scientists say electricity could help spiders take flight.

An advertisement has been removed from a future university building in Adelaide after being labelled sexist.

A study of 62 men suggests drinking may make them more persistent in their demands for sex.

The school chaplains program has been labelled discriminatory.

The principal of an elite Sydney private school has reminded parents that the fees they pay do not entitle them to behave aggressively towards teachers.

Reports say rich private schools earmarked for cuts under Gonski 2.0 have in fact seen their proportion of taxpayer money increase.

Puppies as young as eight weeks old can learn from both dogs and humans, a new study shows.

A government agency has been charged after two army recruits suffered severe electric shocks during a training exercise.

Gambling researchers say in-game purchasing systems, such as ‘loot boxes’, are a form of predatory monetisation ...

The national redress scheme for victims of child sexual abuse is now open.

Education ministers have launched a review of the publication of NAPLAN data and its relationship to teaching.

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