The world’s population is expected to hit 8 billion this week.

Australia’s CSIRO and DFAT have teamed up with Google to deliver a new coastal ecosystem mapping initiative.

New funding has been provided for a ‘microcredential’ higher education pilot scheme.

The Albanese government is introducing legislation that could wipe student debts for doctors and nurses.

Northern Territory authorities are looking at removing at-risk children from their families if they are found ...

Scientists in the US are working on a device that can decode brain activity to spell out sentences.

Australia’s world-leading science vessel has returned from a voyage in Australia’s newest marine park.

Traditional custodians have signed a deal for the $3 billion Square Kilometre Array.

COVID-19 appears to have increased public attention on research, but not public understanding.

A new taskforce within the Department of Industry, Science and Resources has been created to guide government priorities on science and technology.

Queensland's youth justice system is breaching human rights, Australia's National Children's Commissioner says.

Ancient DNA is revealing the hidden history of human adaptation.

Some of Australia’s top innovators have been awarded for their inventions.

Responses to the COVID-19 pandemic appear to have had a negative impact on babies’ communication abilities.

The Federal Government has released its draft National Teacher Workforce Action Plan, including new spending to ...

The Federal Government has launched a new website for people facing sexual harassment in their workplaces.

A world first human brain cell map has been developed in Australia.

Sharks with GoPros are helping to reveal the ocean's secrets.

An official inquiry into Queensland’s state-run DNA laboratory continues.

Researchers are testing a drug to inhibit a gene that drives many cancers.

The NT Government has announced a new incentive to encourage teachers to move to Katherine.

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