An inquiry has heard Australia's food allergen labelling must be improved.

Save the Children Australia has become the first socially focused NGO to join the UN's Green Climate Fund.

Climate change is already damaging the health of the world’s children, and Australia is at significant risk of health decline too.

Sci-fi-style holograms are one step closer, with exciting developments from Japanese researchers.

An Indigenous child welfare review has found newborns are being removed from mothers in “unethical” ways.

New rules hope to shine a spotlight on foreign interference at universities.

A senior advisory group has begun designing an Indigenous voice to guide Australia's politicians.

Inner West Council has become the first in Sydney to drop Australia Day celebrations ...

Experts say Australian national parks are worth about $145 billion in health benefits.

Astronomers have spotted an ultrafast star travelling at 6 million km/h for the last five million years.

A new artificial intelligence (AI) program has gone public, while the Federal Government releases new AI guidelines.

China wants to ban children from playing online video games at night.

The disability royal commission has heard some harrowing stories so far ...

Sacred Indigenous artefacts have been returned to traditional owners after almost a century in US museums.

New research suggests appointments with unemployment services do little to help people get a job.

Government funding is going unspent as NSW public schools struggle with budgeting pressures.

A new spotlight is shining on female STEM researchers at regional universities.

A new, open-source genetic database has been developed by Australian and North American researchers.

Indigenous academics are calling for a new look at the governance and practices of mainstream environmental management.

An artificial intelligence system now ranks among the top 0.2 per cent of human players in StarCraft II.

The Federal Government is helping bring facial recognition into Australian schools.

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