Two companies now face substantial fines over a fatal roof collapse at Perth's Curtin University.

Several Queensland government departments have seen a substantial increase in consultancy expenses, exceeding $50 million.

The “fathers of photovoltaics” have dismissed nuclear power as a “distraction” in the energy sector.

Fluoride will no longer be added to the water in the Central Highlands Regional Council area.

NSW is investing $12.2 million in its early childhood education workforce.

Australia's national cyber security coordinator has warned schools are prime targets for ransomware groups.

The US Space Force has paused the use of AI tools due to data security concerns.

Research suggests people’s bodies physically synchronise when attending a concert.

Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) researchers are pushing for a reevaluation of how El Niño and La Niña events are classified.

Professor Claudia Goldin has won a Nobel Prize for her research on gender gaps.

A new study looks at the health benefits of short bouts of incidental activity in daily life.

The Albanese Government says it is taking steps to enhance integrity in the international education sector.

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2023 has been awarded “for the discovery and synthesis of quantum dots”.

Staff at the DAFF could take industrial over their dissatisfaction with the government's wage proposal.

Australian governments have agreed to new mandatory minimum classifications for gambling in games.

Strong debate has emerged around measures to combat disinformation.

Being university educated appears to prevent people from developing extreme right-wing views.

The Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded for a breakthrough in electron dynamics.

New research seeks to explain the frequent evolution of same-sex behaviour.

The Nobel Prize in Medicine has been awarded to pioneers of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines.

Australia's Disability Royal Commission has issued its final report, presenting 222 recommendations for transformative change.

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