The part of the brain we use to process angry voices is at work in babies as young as six months old, according to international researchers.

Over 100 institutions have been implored to join the National Redress Scheme for victims of child sexual abuse.

Australian experts have designed the local infrastructure for the world’s largest radio telescope.

The Australian Council of Social Service wants a Royal Commission into abuse suffered by people with disabilities.

Local experts want emergency service workers to be better equipped for the mental health challenges of their roles.

Crossbench senators are being pushed defend protections for casual workers.

Parents have slammed an SA Government decision to reduce the size of selection zones around Adelaide's two city high schools.

Researchers say the global elimination of cervical cancer is “within reach”.

Labor has made two significant education pledges ahead of the next federal election.

A tiny moon has been found orbiting the gas giant Neptune.

After decades of Dollarmites, teachers now want big banks out of their classrooms.

Progressive activist group GetUp has been declared independent of political parties.

The Federal Government is spending millions to fight anti-vaccination campaigns.

A British study has found no link between violent video games and players behaving violently themselves.

Another ground-breaking prehistoric discovery has been made in the Queensland town of Winton.

NASA's Opportunity rover mission is at an end after almost 15 years exploring the surface of Mars.

More than half of South Australia's Year 1 students do not meet the standards for early reading.

Whitsunday Regional Council has passed a motion to ban MP Jason Costigan from visiting schools.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called for a new approach to reducing gaps for Indigenous Australians.

Scientists warn that rapidly declining insect populations spell ‘catastrophic’ trouble.

An inquiry has found the Federal Government should delay its plan to restrict R&D incentives.

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