A tiny Australian satellite has performed some big experiments.

Citizen scientists from around Australia are helping to build a much better picture of the health of the Great Barrier Reef.

A law suit on behalf of youth detainees alleges human rights abuses in the Northern Territory's detention centres.

A new study has found tech tools can create significantly higher classroom engagement.

Swiss researchers say grouping students based on their achievement levels can artificially create social class inequalities.

A new survey shows some Australian veterans are struggling to find a place at university.

CSIRO’s new chief scientist says she will push for more diversity in the research sector.

West Australian councils are celebrating continued funding for vital Community Resource Centres.

A new academic effort has been created to assess the impact of artificial intelligence on ...

NASA’s latest probe has begun its journey to the Sun.

Australian education officials are in a stand-off that is delaying the release of NAPLAN results.

Australian researchers are embarking on a hugely ambitious long-term study of the adolescent brain.

Libraries across NSW are calling for a doubling in State Government funding to ensure their long-term viability.

The federal sports agency wants to reduce the massive cost of inactivity.

Labor is taking shots at the Turnbull Government over $444 million in Reef funding.

Children with autism have been equipped with high-tech augmentations to help improve their social skills.

AusPost has launched a dedicated Tech Academy.

The Northern Territory says progress is being slowed by excess regional telecommunications reviews.

Queensland is very close to closing the gap in Indigenous Year 12 completion.

A prominent child psychologist says South Australia is lagging behind other states when it comes to preventing school violence.

The Law Council says proposed laws to shine a light on slavery could be too weak.

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