The Northern Territory has made a number of youth justice changes.

A new study shows that fluoridated water is safe and does not affect children's development.

CSIRO is offering its expertise to support businesses working in the cyber security sector.

The ACCC is running internet sweeps to target “greenwashing” and fake online reviews.

Former international rugby union players have a 2.5 times higher risk of neurodegenerative disease.

One of Victoria's oldest private schools is investigating allegations of a bullying culture.

Public confidence in the Federal Government has sharply increased since the May election, according to new data.

The WA Government says it will run a comprehensive review of the state's juvenile justice system.

Australians working in Antarctica report a widespread and predatory culture of sexual harassment and displays.

The world’s next supercontinent is predicted to form in 200 to 300 million years.

Hair dye is helping conservation of WA’s sea lion population.

A new report finds young Australians face a lifetime of labour change.

Cricket Australia has apologised to survivors of sexual abuse involved with cricket.

A program to text young people at risk of STI infection may have had the opposite effect than intended.

The NSW Government is looking to hire a chief behaviour adviser for schools.

The ‘Robodebt’ royal commission began this week.

Tasmanian state school teachers held a two-hour strike over pay and conditions this week, causing some schools to open late.

Claims of workplace issues have emerged from a troubled Queensland DNA lab.

Australian scientists are challenging the research and funding community to develop better treatments for debilitating mental health conditions.

An experimental brain cancer drug has been fast-tracked in clinical trials.

The SA Government has announced it will double the number of graduate nurses joining SA Health.

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