In the same week that international scientists publish clearer evidence of humanity’s influence on climate change, the Australian government is reducing its focus on pollution, the environment and science itself.

Many people may feel that their imagination has diminished since they left the schoolyard and entered the workplace, but new research has found the imagination is still there – manipulating thoughts and memories within its own ‘mental workspace’.

Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard has taken on a new role as an honorary professor of History and Politics at the University of Adelaide, saying she is excited at the new challenge.

Internet video-chats are helping some Australian schools revive Asian language classes, and helping students connect across cultural and geographic boundaries.

Some schools may be considering CCTV cameras to protect staff from rampaging parents.

Scientists at the University of Queensland have achieved quantum teleportation within an electronic chip, transmitting an atom instantly from one place to another.

A new study has suggested students who read for pleasure are heading for much higher marks than their peers.

The chief executive of a key regional Victorian training centre has quit, her outgoing message said there were still big hurdles on the road ahead.

Many members of Western Australia’s education sector are continuing to direct their outrage at the state’s premier and education minister, with reports this week the government is looking to axe hundreds of teachers’ positions in the next year.

Australian lobby group Free TV is pushing to remove time restrictions for mature content on the airwaves.

Evidence has been found of diverse life forms which have been locked in lakes buried beneath Antarctica for over one hundred thousand years.

Members of the broad Australian scientific community will be wondering what the future holds this week; with pre-poll comments from the newly-elected federal government clouding the path ahead for many researchers.

Dingoes have most certainly been given a bum rap in Australia but a new study has helped put them on the path to redemption, showing that dingoes are not responsible for the mainland extinction of the thylacine and Tasmanian devil.

According to a new report by the University of Stirling, some female brains can recognise a good genetic match just by copping a whiff.

One of the most common interactions from modern parents to their kids’ involves the amount of time they spend staring at a screen, but new research suggests in the future that may be the way to stay on the ball.

Billionaire Elon Musk has again given the world a glimpse of impending technological possibilities.

Charges have been laid after the second stabbing at a Brisbane school in the last two weeks.

Close to $23 million has reportedly been put aside for a new University College in New South Wales.

The first shovels of soil have been dug to signal the start of work on a new Charles Sturt University (CSU) building in Victoria.

There were scenes of anger and disappointment on the streets outside WA’s Parliament House this week, as hundreds of education support staff protested cuts of up to 500 jobs.

Tens of thousands of people have turned out to protest for educational reform in Chile.

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