The World Health Organization (WHO) says more than 1 billion people were living with a mental disorder before the COVID-19 pandemic, and urgent reform is needed.

The Victorian Government says it will spend almost a billion dollars a year overhauling early childhood education and care.

The former Coalition government has been accused of mismanaging the accuracy of welfare payments.

The SA Government has denied allegations of pork-barrelling despite skipping a step in the provision of sports grants.

Twenty years of citizen science appears to back up findings on coral bleaching.

Experts are questioning whether the ethics of synthetic biology are fit for purpose.

A Google AI researcher says the company’s new chatbot is sentient, but Google has rushed to deny the claim.

An audit has found most Commonwealth agencies are failing to hit required cyber maturity levels.

A regional teacher shortage could increase disparity between students, experts warn.

A study of prehistoric stone tools shows the interconnectedness of early humans.

The states are pushing the federal government to close a public school funding gap.

New research looks at why the memory of fear is seared into the brain.

Experts say women face a ‘glass obstacle course’ in marine science.

A sports science study finds mindfulness can improve athletes’ safety.

The AFP is looking for a way to ethically source images after the Clearview AI controversy.

Australia’s leading supercomputing facility has installed its first room-temperature on-premises quantum computer.

A new study finds many aspects of teens' lifestyles became more unhealthy during COVID-19.

An inquiry has been launched after the oldest known human remains found in Australia were buried against the wishes of some Indigenous groups.

Queensland is using a new Teacher Rapid Response Team to fill critical shortages.

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