Experts want government funding to help make Australian cities healthier and more sustainable.

Australian has a hit a record level of immunisation among children.

University of Technology Sydney (UTS) has won a global award for home service robotics.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has appointed a new suicide prevention adviser.

Conservatives are divided over the Morrison government's plan for Indigenous recognition.

A Victorian indigenous site older than the pyramids, the Acropolis and Stonehenge has won World Heritage status.

After several rounds of student climate strikes, advocates say it is now the adults’ turn.

The Morrison government has launched a review of workplace laws.

Australian researchers have used AI to develop a more effective seasonal flu vaccine.

Another miniature Australian satellite will soon be in orbit.

An Australian professor has been given a unique role in a new NASA mission.

MIT has announced plans to set up a new research centre in Adelaide's Lot Fourteen CBD innovation precinct.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison continues to resist plans to increase the dole.

New research shows women working in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields are facing barriers that require attitude changes and additional support.

A group of rugby league players are considering legal action over the NRL's treatment of concussions.

HIV rates in Australia have dropped to an 18-year low.

Environmentalists have removed 40 tonnes of rubbish from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

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