A European team will conduct a study to see if our anti-bacterial, super-sanitary world could be doing more harm than good.

Federal cabinet ministers will spend the next few weeks rooting out redundant and unnecessary laws, after the Prime minister mandated that thousands be repealed.

Questions have been answered about the complex array of bacteria that live in and on our bodies, one of the most exciting and expansive new fields of biology.

A record company in the Northern Territory is helping with a series of short films to spread good health messages to remote regions.

Final exams may be conducted online as one state moves its testing into the digital age.

Reports say a raft of changes will be rolled-out in some Victorian schools, after the state's education department was taken to court over ongoing asbestos concerns.

The first trial of a Federal Government plan to increase school attendance in Indigenous communities is now under way.

Anti-whaling activists aboard the Sea Shepherd have found their Moby Dick, uncovering and interrupting a Japanese whaling fleet at the start of the new season.

New research has shown a drug used for treating epilepsy may allow adults to learn as easily as children do.

Thousands have gathered to protest the Western Australian government's shark-culling plan, but authorities say the slaughter will go ahead regardless.

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