Federal cabinet ministers will spend the next few weeks rooting out redundant and unnecessary laws, after the Prime minister mandated that thousands be repealed.

Reports in News Ltd media outlets say Prime Minister Tony Abbott has called on his ministers to table any options for cutting bureaucratic red tape and regulatory burden from business.

Over 8000 federal laws could be out the window with the Coalition’s Omnibus Red Tape Repeal Bill, the Statute Law Revision Bill and the Amending Acts 1901-1969 Bill to be laid out today, as Mr Abbott prepares to speak to parliament.

The bills will relate primarily to laws introduced years ago, often in reaction to no-longer-current factors.

Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister, Josh Frydenberg, has called this Monday ‘repeal day’ in The Australian newspaper. Frydenberg says the Government will ramp up its promises to rid several markets of restrictive rules and regulations.

“Every industry and every stakeholder has their own horror story about the costly and detrimental impact of burdensome regulation,” the Parliamentary Secretary said.

In 2013 the Coalition promised to cut $1 billion worth of red tape for Australian businesses.