The Victorian Education Department is considering a plan to hire its senior school leaders and principals from places other than the education arena.

Teachers often weave separate threads of comedy and authority in their attempts to engage students, but a new study shows there can be negatives for teachers who poke too much fun at themselves.

New research shows very few women leave top jobs to have children - and it is a needless gender barrier that keeps many out of careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

New research suggests that true genius needs company.

Neuroscientists have shown that virtually all primates follow a particular genetic code for brain development, showing humans are not the sole keepers of high-order brain functions for planning, complex decisions and speech.

A study tour is bringing together researchers and community members from across the Arafura and Timor seas to share ideas for the future.

Pending some large-scale revolution, in just one month the Australian government will sign-off on the Trans-Pacific Partnership – a trade agreement that will allow media companies broad powers to enforce copyright and censorship laws online.

Nursing students at the University of Adelaide have had a mental-health rotation added to their first year of study in an effort to create a more holistic approach to training and treatment.

Japan is facing a shortage of government internet security experts, and so is actively trying to create hackers to help.

A new centre at an Australian university wants to create a new way to get young students into studying education in science, engineering and health.

A ‘reform agenda’ has been announced by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency which aims to cut red tape; allowing faster decisions, online submissions lodging and less hassle for trusted providers.

The South Australian Opposition says that an educator, not an enforcer should run the state’s schools.

An event this week has shown 50 high-achieving Year 10 girls what future awaits them in the worlds of engineering or IT.

Authorities are working on a proposal for an Indigenous Centre for Excellence in Broken Hill, which would help create and propagate Indigenous culture, business and ideas.

An Agricultural Economics expert wants to know how particular parts of the ‘direct action’ plan to reduce climate change will be applied, wondering how much farmers can expect to contribute.

An Environmental Law Professor is adding to the academic outcry since the new Federal Environment Department was formed, saying attempts to reduce environmental approvals will not help cut emissions.

A new galaxy has been discovered by an international team of astronomers, and there is barely enough room to swing a quasar in there.

A new centre at Monash University will investigate ways to strengthen Australia’s bond with Indonesia through research and business collaboration.

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