South Australian teachers have voted in favour of strike action next Thursday.

Should the government fail to present an acceptable Enterprise Agreement offer by Monday, 83 per cent of educators have supported taking strike action. 

The Australian Education Union (AEU) expects the offer on Monday to include better workload control and a more substantial pay increase than the current 3 per cent per year for three years. 

The AEU says both pay and working conditions must be improved if the state wants to help students and address the teacher shortage in South Australia.

Andrew Gohl, AEU State Branch President, said; “This is about priorities, and when the Premier can find $2 billion for submarines and $450 million for a university merger, we should not accept that public education and our students aren't worth the same investment”.

The AEU Executive will decide on Monday whether to proceed with the strike action based on the government's offer. 

The strike would not affect Year 12 exams, as they are typically overseen by different teachers or invigilators.