The Western Australian Premier says strong opposition to the state’s shark culling plan will not stop it going ahead, but it has made local fisherman hesitant to bid for tenders to help the killing.

Researchers in the UK have created a system to model bizarre physical phenomena much faster than ever before.

Studies have shown there is a genetic basis for physical aggression in toddlers, but it does not mean a person will remain aggressive forever.

A biomedical engineer from the University of Queensland has taken his invention to the birthplace of its ancestors.

A robotic team has embarked an incredible research route, delivering a 3 tonne package to the surface of a comet.

This week has seen one university host a week-long event aimed at one of the world’s greatest engineering challenges – attracting young women to the profession.

More than half a century after the link between smoking and cancer was first proven, scientists continue to add to the pile of reasons why inhaling burning plant matter is a poor decision for health.

If you’re ever feeling neglected, just remember that a few trillion bacteria are relying on you right now for survival.

Australian tertiary students and graduates collectively owe $30 billion in unpaid loans.

Federal Education Minister Christopher Pyne is preparing for his shake-up of the national curriculum this week, now forming the group that will re-write the content Australian kids learn, again.

A new filter will let smart people from CSIRO do something usually considered pretty dumb – staring directly into the sun for science.

High school students have come together from some of Australia’s most remote regions this week for the Wingara Mura - Bunga Barrabugu Summer Program.

A new project will see thousands of bees decked-out in the scientific accessory of the summer - a 2.5mm wide sensor strapped to their backs to monitor the insects and their environment.

News for anyone who has had a mysterious feeling that they can sense something is happening, but couldn’t quite put a finger on it – science has shown it’s probably just you.

A major Australian research firm has acquired a machine that can sequence an entire human genome for relatively little cost.

This year will see nearly twice as many graduates from an innovative and controversial education program heading to disadvantaged schools in remote towns.

Australian scientists have found a record of a long-term climate pattern locked within layers of coral, which has shown that the Great Barrier Reef is influenced by more factors than previously thought.

UNICEF has helped hundreds of students in South Sudan to sit their primary school graduation exam as bullets flew and civil unrest reigned.

The Australian Industry Group wants to increase the immigration intake cap by 30,000 people in the next financial year, saying the country needs more skilled workers.

Australian scientists have contributed to an international report urging world governments to better protect large carnivores, saying a decline at the apex will flow through the food chain.

Anyone who has seen the news or been outside recently will know that Australia is experiencing a hot flush.

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