Universities Australia has released its Corporate Plan, which outlines the key drivers for work in Australia’s tertiary education sector through to 2013.


The plan outlines UA’s mission, objectives and immediate priorities for the sector, including:



Quality in a growing system

  • Monitoring the implementation of legislation for student demand driven funding for undergraduate places and its commencement in 2012.
  • Monitoring the establishment and operation of TEQSA.
  • Seeing positive outcomes from forthcoming government reviews relating to the student intake, including the Review of Higher Education Access and Outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People and the DEEWR Review of Graduate Education Policy.

Resourcing and investment

  • Working towards positive outcomes from the Review of Higher Education Base Funding.
  • Addressing infrastructure backlog and new requirements to meet national participation and equity targets, including through the EIF.
  • Performance measurement and relationship to compacts and ERA.

Contribution of universities

  • Understanding public opinion and attitudes to universities.
  • Facilitate initiatives to promote the contribution of universities to the community in order to harness community support.

University environment

  • Improving and supporting the student experience, including services, amenities, accommodation and safety.
  • Addressing equity, including the Indigenous review and action plan for women.



Global engagement

  • Advance and support Australian universities’ international engagement in ways that broaden and deepen relationships with other countries’ higher education systems for mutual benefit.
  • Contribute to policy reform in visa administration and state government support issues, including the Knight Review.


  • Academic Workforce Sustainability.
  • Impact and Outreach Role.
  • Student Income Support.
  • Tertiary Integration Framework.

The full plan can be found here