The Civil Contractors Federation Skills Centre has opened in Western Australia, with Federal Minister for Skills Senator Chris Evans attending the opening ceremony.


Opened with a $1.8 million federal grant, the centre will aim to help meet the rising demand for skilled labour throughout the state.


“Western Australia has the lowest unemployment rate in the country and the demand for skilled workers continues to rise,” Senator Evans said.
“By 2015, the WA market will need some 76,000 workers with qualifications ranging from a Certificate I through to post-graduate qualifications, but the projected student completion rate is significantly short of that at around 63,000.
“There are endless opportunities for Western Australians – this facility will help them get the skills they need to access the jobs they want.”


Senator Evans said that the centre will host cutting edge technology and training methodology which will aim to raise the standard of the industry.


“Trainees will have access to cutting-edge, up to the minute technology – they will be able to develop practical construction skills using simulators that mimic real life situations,” Senator Evans said.
“The CCF Skill Centre is proof of the opportunities that are available when Government works in partnership with industry to provide the best possible training outcomes for Australians – training that will get them the skills they need to access the jobs they want.