A new deal means Australia’s robot revolution may start just south of Sydney.

Local businesses have joined with advanced manufacturers and researchers to establish the Advanced Manufacturing Business Centre, specialising in robots and robotics.

“Advanced manufacturing is an area where Australia can be highly competitive on the international stage,” Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Industry Bob Baldwin said at the launch of the site.

“The proposal to produce robots and robotic components at a new centre at Lucas Heights will enable new and established local businesses to strengthen their expertise in additive manufacturing, advanced materials science, nanotechnology, nuclear science and information and communication technologies.

“Lucas Heights is ideal as it already hosts a nucleus of science and technology providers including ANSTO, CSIRO, and the University of Wollongong’s Australian Centre for Electro-materials Sciences,” he said.

The site is just one of many that Australia could use to set itself up at the advanced manufacturing leader of the world, along the lines of a new discussion paper by CSIRO.

As a country that extracts vast amounts of minerals but does very little later processing or value-adding, Australia certainly has room to move and opportunities to take.

Australia has the raw materials, as well as raw brain power, to design and manufacture the high-tech, super-efficient devices that currently reside in science fiction and research fantasy.

As some of the country’s traditional building industries decline and close the nation risks relying solely on others for its cutting-edge needs, but with initiatives such as this new robot hub, Australia could use its wealth and opportunity to fulfil its own needs.