The membership of the independent panel that will evaluate the first full year of the new South Australian Certificate of Education has been announced.


The panel will be convened by Mr Bill Cossey, with other members including Professor John Bennett from the University of NSW and previous Chief Executive of the NSW Board of Studies; Ms Miriam Silva, Deputy Chair of the Training and Skills Commission; and Dr Petra Lietz, Principal Research Fellow from the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER).


Minister for Education and Child Development Grace Portolesi said she was confident the panel had the skills and experience needed to effectively undertake the evaluation.


“The 2006 review of the SACE found that senior school curriculum needed substantial change with too many students simply dropping out, affecting their job prospects and their ability to participate constructively as members of the community.


“The new SACE was designed to be more relevant for more students and give them both greater support and greater responsibility in preparing for their future beyond school.


“This panel’s report will help to inform the public discussion by providing an insight into how much these reforms have achieved so far, what work remains to be done and where refinements may be needed.”


SACE Board Chief Executive, Dr Paul Kilvert, said the panel would be supported by a reference committee drawn from the Independent, Catholic, and government school sectors, and a range of other groups with an interest in the SACE.


“The new SACE has been developed and implemented in close collaboration with both the public and private school sectors and other stakeholders and it’s important this cooperation continues,” he said.


“There have been many stories of success but also some concerns and the reference group will help to inform the panel on the breadth of experiences with the new SACE.”


The evaluation of the first year of the SACE is expected to take place over the next six months.


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