The South Australian Government has lent its support to the push to have early childhood development recognised as a key profession, saying it would better reflect the crucial work of teachers, childcare workers, doctors and nurses in children’s development.


Premier Jay Wetherill said that recognising the roles of a range of professionals in children’s development was key to addressing major issues in the field.


The calls by Mr Weatherill coincided with the Early Childhood Development Symposium, which hosted over 200 national and international experts.


“While we need professionals with specific skills in medicine, nursing, teaching, childcare, social work and other areas that care children, each of these professions must see themselves as part of a broader early childhood profession,” Mr Weatherill said.


“There exists a growing body of neuroscience and other research that makes clear the impact that everything a child experiences in the early years makes a profound difference to lifelong development.


“For too long, those who work with young children have worked in isolation, failing to capitalise on the benefits of interdisciplinary approaches that  recognise the importance of all that young children experience.


“Our efforts must be focused on early intervention and support services to produce the best outcomes for children, whether it is to stop abuse happening, to intervene before the onset of chronic health conditions or to implement educational interventions for children with learning difficulties."