The South Australian Government has announced reforms to the Department for Education and Child Development (DECD) that it says will improve the ways in which children are educated for, cared for and protected.

The reforms, outlined by State Minister for Education Jennifer Rankine, are based on the State Government’s Every Chance for Every Child strategy.

Ms Rainkine said that the reforms will ensure that the state’s schools ‘deliver the best possible outcomes’ while ensuring children are cared for.

“Under the program, we will give greater autonomy to principals so they can make the best decisions for their schools –including resourcing, curriculum and teaching practices,” Ms Rankine said.

Key changes include:

  • DECD working as a single integrated system and working from one safety, well-being, health and education plan
  • A single response and service via an integrated service hub when a child or family needs additional support
  • Providing and delivering services as close to or within preschool and school sites wherever possible 

There will also be the creation of:

  • An Office for Education replacing the Office for Schools to focus on raising academic performance in public education, teacher quality, leadership development and accountability
  • An Office for Children and Young People replacing the Office for Child Development to focus on population planning and directing resources to the areas of greatest need
  • An Office for Child Safety to focus on implementing a family-focused child protection system that supports children and young people to remain in the care of their families wherever it is safe to do so