The Federal Government has accepted recommendations for new measures to guard religious freedom.

The Morrison government has accepted all 20 recommendations from the review of religious freedom by former attorney general Phillip Ruddock.

Fourteen of the suggestions will be enacted immediately in the hope of prohibiting discrimination against religious people.

However, the Government says it needs a further review on discrimination against LGBT students and school staff before deciding whether they can be expelled or sacked due to their sexuality.

The new protections are similar to those prohibiting racial and sexual discrimination.

The Government will appoint a religious freedom commissioner to the Australian Human Rights Commission, and ask the Australian Law Reform Commission to review some of the more controversial questions raised in the Ruddock report.

There are issues with the balance of the rights of non-discrimination of LGBT students with religious schools’ desire to preserve discriminatory doctrines and rules.

The government is expected to attempt to legislate less controversial measures soon, but take the rest of the new religious discrimination bill to the election.