Queensland has achieved it's literacy and numeracy targets for 2010, ensuring the state's eligibility for the first reward payment of $48.5 million from the Federal Government.


The results have been published in the Partnership Agreement on Literacy and Numeracy: Performance report for 2011.


91.1% of the state's year 3 students achieved numeracy results above the minimum standard set by the Federal Government, exceeding the Federal Government target of 85.9%


88.9% of Year 3 students were at or above minimum standards in reading, above the target of 81.5%.


The COAG Reform Council independently assessed the results and determined Queensland’s achievement of targets based on NAPLAN results (40%) and local measures (60%). Reward funding will contribute to initiatives and projects according to Acting Education Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk


“Queensland received an A in all 20 performance targets and is therefore on track to receive 100 per cent of the $48.5 million reward money,” Ms Palaszczuk said.


279 schools were involved in the Literacy and Numeracy Partnership National Agreement in 2010.