The Productivity Commission has commenced the third phase of its Education and Training Workforce study which will examining the workforce of the schools sector. An issues paper will be produced next month, and the final report will be submitted to the Australian Government in April 2012.


In essence, the Commission will be reporting to the Government on:

  • factors affecting the supply of, and demand for, school workers;
  • whether the knowledge and skills base of the workforce, and its deployment within and across schools and regions, are appropriate to meet the community's needs; and
  • whether policy, governance and regulatory arrangements (in place or in prospect) are conducive to maximising the efficiency and effectiveness of the schools workforce and, if not, what changes may be required.

Other elements of the study have focused on issues impacting on the workforces of the vocational education and training (VET) sector and early childhood development. 


The final report of the VET study is due to be submitted to government this month, and the early childhood development study is currently underway and will report in October 2011.


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