The Federal Government is introducing a reduced set of Family Tax Benefit cuts to those proposed in the 2014 budget.

Revised welfare legislation to be introduced today will end Family Tax Benefit B payments when the youngest child in a family turns 13.

It is a backpedal from cuts outlined in the 2014 budget, when the Abbott government sought to stop paying families Family Tax Benefit Part B when their youngest child turned six.

Treasurer Scott Morrison says the Government realised the previous plans would not pass, but he is hopeful the latest incarnation will be more in the Senate.

“The measures that we'll put forward today achieve roughly about the same level of savings overall which ensures that we're able to afford to pay for the childcare package,” he told the ABC.

“Importantly it does it in, I think, a more fair, a more targeted way."

Reports say the new legislation will include safety net provisions for families with older children.

If it passes, the bill will brings billions of dollars less in projected savings compared to the 2014 plan.

The Government hopes it will pass by the end of the year.

The LNP says it has been in extensive talks with Labor and the crossbench, but support is not guaranteed.

Labor family spokesperson Jenny Macklin would not say whether Labor would support the legislation.

“It's certainly a win for families, it's a big win for families,” she told reporters.

“The Government has backed down on one of the biggest cuts.”

Greens families spokesperson Rachel Siewert said the Government should not hurt single parents.

“The adjusted proposal for cuts to the Family Tax Benefit Part B is another example of the Government pursuing watered down measures that still disproportionately target our most vulnerable,” she said.