Australian IT company Anittel has secured a $2 million deal with a group of schools in Western Australia.

It sees the company take an even bigger slice of the WA education ICT pie, where it currently has deals with 45 private and independent schools.

The latest deal consists of three separate contracts to provide full-time support for desktops, notebooks, iPads, services, storage, networking, and wireless infrastructure at three WA schools.

Anittel has also been contracted to provide professional learning programs for teachers, as well as future hardware and software procurement services.

Anittel Western Australia regional manager Sam Meegahage says the company will help the schools make a move facing many nationwide – switching to a bring your own device (BYOD) policy and introducing cloud computing.

“With the cost of purchasing technology shifting to parents, BYOD programs are considered an attractive, cost-effective solution for schools,” he said.

“A number of schools are adopting BYOD. When it is done well, it can be empowering for both the students and the school. Student-owned devices encourage collaborative and self-directed learning, and offer more opportunities for learning to continue at home.

“It also allows schools to direct their resources to more strategic IT issues and explore cost-saving initiatives such as cloud technology.”

Anittel was bought out by rival Inabox in late 2014 for a total value of AU$9.88 million.