The number of apprentices in trades and non-trade related studies has declined for the start of the year, according to the latest report released by the National Centre for Vocational Education and Research (NCVER).

The NCVER’s Aprrentices and trainees 2012 – early trend estimates, December quarter examines seasonally adjusted data at the national level for apprentice and trainee commencements.

The estimates show that trade apprenticeship commencements decreased from 23,900 in the September quarter 2012 to 21,4000 in the December quarter.

Following significant growth in the first half of 2012, the adjusted and smoothed estimates for non-trade commencements have declined, with 44 400 people starting in the December quarter 2012 compared with 57 700 commencements in the September quarter 2012.

NCVER will release detailed apprenticeship and traineeship information in March 2013, with the release of the September 2012 quarterly data. This information will include national and state/territory level in-training, completion, and cancellation and withdrawal data.

Copies of Apprentices and trainees 2012—early trend estimates, December quarter are available from