The Federal Government has put out a tender for brief and optional anti-sexual harassment training for MPs.

The government has released a tender seeking an organisation to deliver its sexual harassment training program for politicians.

The training scheme was announced after Liberal staffer Brittany Higgins alleged she was raped in the Parliament House office of then-defence minister Linda Reynolds. 

The Commonwealth says it is seeking an organisation to “deliver training to promote a safe and respectful workplace”. It wants a scheme that parliamentarians are “given the option to attend”, consisting of a one-hour face-to-face training session with office managers and chiefs of staff at Parliament House or in electorate offices.

Junior staff can choose to attend a two-hour session, though this may become mandatory.

After an hour, managers and MPs are expected to be able to understand “behaviours [that] do or do not constitute assault, sexual assault, sexual harassment and serious and systemic bullying and harassment”.

It will also detail how to “respond appropriately to a disclosure” and provide some advice on “reporting options” for incidents.

An inquiry into the environment of Parliament House followeding Ms Higgins's alleged sexual assault laid out a series of new methods for dealing with serious incidents, including a “trauma-informed support system”, an independent complaints mechanism and a face-to-face tailored workplace education program.

The Morrison Government has taken up the last element.

The contract for the anti-harassment program runs for just under one year.