Minister for Employment Participation and Child Care, Kate Ellis and GoodStart CEO Julia Davison have launched the new GoodStart Early Learning brand at the newly reopened GoodStart centre in Indooroopilly.


GoodStart launched with the assistance of a $15 million loan from the Federal Government, allowing the company to take over and operate 570 former ABC Learning Centres.


“When ABC Learning collapsed in 2008 there was a very real risk that hundreds of Australian child care centres across the country would have to close their doors at a moment’s notice,” Ms Ellis said.


“The collapse threatened over 1000 child care centres nationally with 16,000 hard working staff, who provided care for 120,000 Australian children from almost 95,000 Australian families.”


GoodStart now owns around 650 learning centres, supporting more than 72,000 children, 60,000 families, and employing more than 15,000 people across the country.