Melbourne University has offered an extension to Professor Glyn Davis' contact as Vice-Chancellor, seeing the current contract extended to January 2017.


Professor Davis has indicated he will accept the offer, which was offered on the grounds of a number of key initatives continuing to roll out over the coming years.


Chancellor Elizabeth Alexander praised Professor Davis, saying: “The University has retained, and built upon, its very strong position under his leadership."


She said the University Council was keen for Professor Davis to continue past the conclusion of his current term. 


“There are significant and exciting projects ahead that would benefit greatly from the leadership Professor Davis provides,” the Chancellor said.


Professor Davis thanked the Council for the invitation and said, “I much appreciate this vote of confidence from the Council, and look forward to working for many years yet with the Melbourne community.


“It remains an extraordinary honour to lead this great university.”


Professor Davis became Vice-Chancellor in January 2005, and was renewed in the role well before the conclusion of his first five-year term.