An inquiry has been launched into the miscalculation of university entrance scores in Tasmania.

Year 12 students were left reeling after human error resulted in the miscalculation.

Reports say there were errors in the scoring of subjects offered to students through high achiever and university connection programs.

While the students have since been sent an updated ATAR, Tasmanian education minister Jeremy Rockliff has ordered an audit to find out what happened.

 “I understand this error will have been upsetting for some students and I’d like to reassure them that their tertiary admissions will not be impacted,” he said.

“I have instructed the secretary of the Department of Education to initiate an independent audit to understand how ATAR scores were incorrectly calculated in order to prevent such an incident happening again.”

The Office of Tasmanian Assessment, Standards and Certification and the University of Tasmania updated the results within a day of the error being reported.