The Newcastle University has gained accreditation that will see it placed as one of the top institutions for OHS training.

The University of Newcastle has gained a five year accreditation from the Australian Occupational Health and Safety Education Accreditation Board for its Master of Workplace Health and Safety Program.

The award makes Newcastle just the fifth university in the country to be allowed to offer such a course, after it passed the rigorous accreditation criteria of the board. Dr Carole James, the program convenor says “the accreditation program aims to ensure our students develop advanced knowledge, critical understanding and problem-solving approaches to the complex ranges of issues and processes associated with professional practice in OHS.”

The University hopes graduates will be able to work in a number of safety authority roles, their training would allow them to operate at the management level to develop strategies and policies to contribute to the OHS and workplace injury management requirements of any organisation.

More information on the newly-accredited course is available online