The Victorian Government has announced it will chip in $51.5 million to help rebuild or replace every government school building in poor condition.

The initiative will see some 570 buildings across 250 schools share in the funding, according to State Education Minister Martin Dixon.

The announcement comes after The Victorian Audior General conducted a comprehensive maintenance audit of over 27,000 buildings last year.

“The independent maintenance audit has given us a clear and consistent picture of school maintenance requirements so that funding can be allocated to schools most in need of repair or rebuilding,” Mr Dixon said.

Mr Dixon said that the State Government is in the process of building a new long-term project pipeline to provide ‘a more transparent funding process’ for the state’s schools.

Mr Dixon said that principals will receive a copy of their school’s Condition Assessment Report based on the findings of the industry best-practice audits undertaken in 2012.

Further details on funding for individual schools can be found