Experts are looking at the idea of fining parents of South Australian children who regularly miss school.

A new snapshot of Australia's education system shows the Gonski funding is working, although it may have increased teachers’ workploads.

Some of Australia’s most futuristic machines are being used to study some of the nation’s oldest artworks.

Victoria will soon have Australia’s first independent family violence agency, combining monitoring, policy advice and research roles.

New working groups have been announced for a nationwide research overhaul.

Japan's space agency has lost a newly-launched astronomy satellite.

The Queensland Government has launched a surprising attack on job cuts at the CSIRO imposed by the Federal Government.

Anxiety disorders are some of the most common of all brain issues, and a new study on fruit flies may have shed some light on anxiety’s most basic mechanisms.

Australian Careers Network (ACN) has slid into voluntary administration, leaving its 15,000 students with no classes.

A new report says not having money for public transport should not keep kids from going to school.

Researchers want to make Adelaide an ‘integrated smart city’ to demonstrate the mod-cons of tomorrow.

The age of personal gene sequencing is upon us, though many people are unwilling to decode their DNA.

Legal experts say there needs to be big reforms to protect privacy in the digital age.

The Federal Government could regulate the rapidly-expanding world of online gambling.

Psychologists say they are close to identifying the recipe for a viral video.

A group of doctors have found that patients prefer learning about their surgery from an iPad.

School is meant to be about expanding young minds, but ceiling safety issues in WA mean some schools are more likely to compress them.

Federal education minister Simon Birmingham says mid-level maths should be made a pre-requisite for students looking to enrol in science, engineering or commerce degrees.

As the right wing faction of the LNP insists that children’s minds are being damaged by sex education, a new study says teens want more information.

The UK Government is imposing a tax on sugary drinks to help tackle obesity, leaving many to wonder if the same thing would work in Australia.

The administrators of a collapsed training company have raised allegations of a massive rort.

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