New working groups have been announced for a nationwide research overhaul.

The review is part of efforts to shift the focus of government-funded research onto more profitable ideas.

Australian Research Council chief Professor Aidan Byrne said the two groups—the Engagement and Impact Technical Working Group, and the Performance and Incentives Working Group—would play an important role in the development process.

“These working groups will provide critical advice and support to the Engagement and Impact Steering Committee as we develop this new assessment,” he said.

“The groups are made up of experts from across the sector, including international experts, and I have the utmost confidence they will contribute greatly in this development process.”

The Technical Working Group will provide advice ways to support a national engagement and impact assessment, including: advice regarding development of an appropriate methodology; assessment requirements for different disciplines and end-users; along with development of appropriate measures/indicators of research engagement and research impact.

Meanwhile, the Performance and Incentives Working Group will provide advice to the ARC about the potential incentives in the new model, including how the process and measures might influence the decisions of universities about their research activities.

A full list of the members of the two groups is accessible here.