A rural Queensland town has enlisted the help of wizened travellers to encourage reading for kids.

An Aboriginal community has taken the lead on improving education services for its youth, with a group in the Northern Territory putting up $1 million for a customised approach to learning.

There has been outrage this week in the Western Australian education sector, after the State Government announced hundreds will be sacked and funding in some areas will be cut by 30 per cent.

Teenage activist Malala Yousafzai has been awarded the International Children's Peace Prize for her continued fight for universal education and equality.

The Northern Territory Bar Association has highlighted a woeful disparity in education spending priorities for the Territory.

A new study says a little bit of Zen could unlock doors in the classroom.

One of Australia’s most prolific ecologists and freshwater scientists, Professor Sam Lake has been awarded the highest honour that can be given for outstanding scientific contributions to limnology, the scientific study of inland waters.

Three Australian institutions have been recognised for their efforts to combat wheat rust diseases, receiving the Borlaug Global Rust Initiative (BGRI) Gene Stewardship prize.

The Newcastle University has gained accreditation that will see it placed as one of the top institutions for OHS training.

An education expert says the teaching model used by some schools in Cape York could be reconsidered.

A big player in the financial services education provision sector has put its support behind moves by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission away from overseeing training and education.

Some high schools in Perth will have their lines redrawn; with the announcement the state is looking to amalgamate minor institutions.

Research has shown the important links between a school’s academic standards and the chances awarded to disadvantaged students.

The Western Australian Government has added an $80 million top-up to its education fund, reportedly to deal with a surge in student numbers.

Legislation has officially been passed that will see Queensland high schools include year seven as their lowest grade from 2015.

A joint initiative will see an in-depth survey of the Great Australian Bight carried out over four years by the CSIRO in collaboration with BP oil explorations.

Wild weather has forced the ocean to give up one of its secrets.

Mobile phones, computers, video game consoles and other such devices are crammed with an unbelievable amount of microscopic transistors to allow them to process information, but still none have come close to the complexity or computing scale of the human brain.

The Academic Ranking of World Universities has been released by a Chinese institution for the tenth consecutive year, and seen 19 Australian universities ranked in the world’s top 500.

Two legal experts from the University of Canberra have warned against schools’ complacency on cyber-bullying, saying a school could be sued in some circumstances.

A study has probed the effects of Facebook use on the well-being of young people, finding that it does not seem to help.

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