An education expert says the teaching model used by some schools in Cape York could be reconsidered.

James Cook University Adjunct associate professor Barry Osborne says schools in the towns of Coen, Hope Vale and Aurukun follow the 'direct instruction' model spearheaded by Noel Pearson. The style of teaching involves teachers following a set script, with students expected to learn only by mimicking them.

Prof Osbourne says while many of Mr Pearson’s ideas are completely valid and meritorious, but may be too rigid in this particular application.

“When a child raises a question, why is this is the case sir, I'd like to be able to stop and talk about that because other kids in the class might be interested as well, whereas with direct instruction you've got to stay with the script,” Osbourne says, “So I've got some reservations... I'm willing to sit back and see how it goes for a few years but I think by the end of primary school if it's any good everybody should be reading well enough to handle texts themselves.”

Mr Pearson has worked tirelessly to reform the indigenous communities of Australia’s far northern regions. He has received widespread acclaim for initiating positive changes in many communities; with independent researchers found he is having a measurable effect on the quality of life for many.