First listed on: 04 June 2024

Research Assistant/ Research Officer


Team: Research & Development
Reports to: Team Leader
Salary Range: $72,888 - $96,888
Employment type: 12 month contract, full time, onsite


  • Join a vibrant biotech company developing life-changing cancer therapies
  • Work in a brand-new R&D facility with an onsite gym and free parking
  • Full-time position – 1-year contract with a high possibility of extension

Imagine joining an organization where you can make a real difference! Our team is committed, talented, and excited about the future of cancer treatment.

While working together toward our mission of developing more precise and accessible cellular immunotherapy treatments for patients with solid cancers, we take the time to celebrate our achievements and support our team and culture. You'll find us team-building at company offsites, sharing birthdays, and celebrating important business milestones along our journey.

We work to the Values of

  • Accountability: In a rapidly evolving field, our employees must be self-motivated and proactive. We expect informed, calculated risks in supporting the company’s strategic priorities and accountability for decisions and actions. Successes are celebrated, and failures are viewed as learning opportunities.
  • Respect: Our employees bring diverse skills, experience, and knowledge to the company. Everyone has a role to play in our success and should be recognized and respected for their contributions. We require that all employees treat colleagues equally, irrespective of gender, religion, age, political affiliation, or organizational status.
  • Integrity: Developing new treatments requires the highest levels of honesty and adherence to strong moral principles. Any lack of integrity would undermine our position as an ethical medical product development company.
  • Teamwork: Medical product development is a team activity, requiring input from dedicated people with varied backgrounds and expertise. Actions that enhance teamwork increase our chances of success, while actions that undermine teamwork reduce it. Therefore, teamwork is an essential company core value.

About the Position

We are seeking a Research Assistant/Research Officer to join the R&D team at Cartherics. Reporting to the Senior Research Fellow, this role will assist with hands-on in vitro and in vivo experimental work to support various projects in the R&D pipeline.

Key Duties

The successful applicant will work closely with all members of the R&D team and will be expected to:

  • Perform molecular biology and in vitro functional bioassays relevant to R&D projects, including mammalian tissue culture
  • Perform animal (mouse) cancer xenograft studies
  • Review test data/results for reporting by required deadlines
  • Maintain accurate, complete, legible, and concurrent records of work performed in electronic laboratory notebooks (ELN) and relevant databases
  • Communicate and present work regularly in team meetings and to the wider company
  • Assist in housekeeping activities within the R&D for continued smooth operation
  • Other duties as assigned by the Group Lead and/or other senior scientists within the R&D team

Key Skills

The successful applicant will have the appropriate knowledge base and hands-on experience in the following techniques:

  • Detailed knowledge of the maintenance and sterility requirements of tissue culture laboratories
  • In vitro culture of human-induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) and experience in their directed differentiation
  • In vitro culture of human immune cells (e.g., NK, macrophages, T cells), ideally with an understanding of their biology and function, including handling primary blood/tissue samples
  • Experience in the use of multi-parameter flow cytometry
  • Experience in animal handling (mice), including techniques such as i.v., i.p., s.c. injections, and dissection
  • Organizational skills required for data management and documentation, protocols, and standard operating procedures
  • Enjoy working in a challenging, dynamic, and interactive environment

The initial specialized techniques to be upskilled by the successful applicant, under guidance, will include:

  • Culture of immune cell (e.g., NK cell, macrophage) differentiation of gene-edited iPSCs
  • Techniques relevant to performing animal cancer xenograft models
  • In vitro and in vivo cytotoxicity assays


The successful applicant will have completed a B.Sc / BBiomed.Sc with Honours or PhD. It is highly desirable if the applicant has also majored in immunology, molecular biology, and/or cell biology.

Applications close COB 5 July 2024.

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