Certificate of Water Conservation Management


Water is the most vital resource to sustain life, and all living organisms need it to survive. However, water resources are being challenged globally due to pollution, the overuse of local resources, and poor or non-existent population planning. This course is ideal for those looking for career advancement or business opportunities in the water services, environmental, recycling, health, agricultural or horticultural industries.

The Certificate of Water Conservation Management is an online professional development program that explores water conservation at home, in the workplace and throughout a range of business industries.

In this water conservation management course, you will learn about the cycle of water, conservation practices across the world, and water management, including in the areas of treatment, re-use and recycling.

You will also study water conservation in primary production, in the services and health industries, and in sectors like construction and manufacturing.

On completion of this course, you will know how to conserve water in a variety of situations to save money, improve quality of life and reduce your environmental footprint.

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