A new study has unveiled insights into the migration patterns of the first humans to the landmass that became Australia.

Australia is expanding water quality monitoring from space.

The Australian government has invested $1 billion in the US-based quantum computer startup, PsiQuantum.

A new study sets a timetable for optimal daily activity.

A government committee has called for a $17 per day increase in JobSeeker payments.

The Government wants public input on a plan to expand the eSafety Commissioner’s powers.

A spike in tertiary education loan costs has prompted more calls for reform.

The chair of Mental Health Australia has resigned citing profound disappointment with the Albanese government's ...

Political will could see Australia avoid learning lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The AHRC has called for an overhaul of Australia’s immigration detention system.

One of the world’s richest people is set to test Australia's online safety laws.

A technological breakthrough has allowed NASA to regain communication with a distant spacecraft.

Thousands of WA public school teachers took to the streets this week, marking their first walkout in over a decade.

A Senate inquiry has heard concerns of “state-sponsored greenwashing”.

A set of stolen Indigenous artefacts have been returned to their community.

A new study has uncovered insights from 15 years of crashes on Melbourne roads.

The Federal Government is supporting a “world first” gender justice institute for First Nations women.

New research looks at the stress, demand and pressure for social workers in Melbourne’s COVID-19 lockdown.

Researchers have shown that forming memories involves rapid changes to DNA.

An international research team has recently introduced the most extensive and intricate 3D map of the universe ever produced.

Changes to student debt indexation have been announced amid rising costs.

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