The eSafety Commissioner says children have started using AI to bully their peers.

The Federal Government has, for the first time, set targets for ending violence against women and children.

There has been a mass exodus of environmentalists from the website formerly known as Twitter.

Experts say Indigenous voices need to lead Australia’s response to the climate crisis.

Australian scientists have pledged greater transparency in animal research.

Swinburne University of Technology launched its $5.2 million supercomputer.

A court ruling means government agencies must protect citizens from impacts of climate change in Montana.

A $44 Million funding boost has been provided to support at-risk First Nations families.

The NSW Auditor-General has revealed big disparities in access and outcomes between rural and metropolitan students.

The Federal Parliament has extended a formal apology to the victims of the unlawful Robodebt scheme.

The humble pen licence could be an entry into cyber security.

Universities Australia has committed to a new national survey on campus sexual assault.

The ACT’s Integrity Commission is looking into allegations of improper influence in school tenders.

A digital identity expert says plans for the myGovID app will not work without an overhaul.

Researchers are investigating the “unknome”; a database of human genes we know almost nothing about.

The Federal Government has committed $6.4 million to establishing a new site to transform Indigenous education.

Virtual reality (VR) is a useful tool in nurse training, but traditional training methods also look like they are here to stay.

The Albanese Government says it is committed to the recommendations of the Australian Universities Accord Interim Report.

Wage talks for teachers in NSW have crumbled after the government's offer was labelled a “betrayal”.

Australian officials have identified TikTok and WeChat as potential national security hazards.

Australia’s digital technology clusters have been mapped and analysed.

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