The James Webb Space Telescope has spotted water surrounding a unique comet.

Australian engineers will be involved in testing advanced materials for the next generation of space technology.

A new study suggests YouTube is not good for the brain.

After four years of hearings, the disability royal commission has wrapped up.

The main voices in the ‘No’ campaign for Australia’s Indigenous Voice referendum are coming together.

International researchers have released the first draft of a reference 'pangenome' - a collection of DNA sequences from 47 people.

Researchers have managed to recover ancient human DNA from a 20,000 year old Palaeolithic pendant.

The Albanese government has announced spending of $28 billion for schools in Central Australia ...

Ministers have detailed specific funding pledges for the town of Alice Springs.

Experts have detailed three reasons to be worried about AI.

New techniques are revealing fresh details of ancient landscapes.

This year’s federal budget for science has been described as “business as usual”.

Higher prices are not stopping students from enrolling in humanities courses.

The ParentsNext welfare scheme is set to be abolished by the federal government following a series of parliamentary inquiries.

Researchers have measured the rise in children and adolescents in mental health crisis care since the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ‘Godfather of AI’ has quit Google.

The Albanese government has unveiled its first quantum strategy.

New AI technology has been developed that can translate brain scans into words and sentences ...

Academics from Melbourne's largest universities - the University of Melbourne, Monash, Deakin and La Trobe - will stage a four-hour strike on Wednesday ...

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