Officials want to establish a time zone for the Moon.

Women in STEMM report experiencing harassment, abuse, systemic sexism, imposter syndrome and the gender pay gap.

Steps are being taken toward a cohesive national digital ID system.

Queensland is laying out a path to a state Treaty.

Experts say one in five kids and teens struggle with disordered eating.

More connectivity suggests girls' brains really do mature faster than boys' brains.

Leading Australian university RMIT has received 24 new planes.

Tech giants are being called to report on their measures for keeping children safe.

After years of campaigning, Western Australia has announced an inquiry into forced adoption.

Scientists say early morning lectures at uni have some major downsides.

A new research review by education expert Professor John Hattie suggests that the most important factor in student learning is engaging teaching.

WorkSafe Tasmania's investigation report into a December 2021 jumping castle accident is being withheld.

Australian and US scientists are combining their smarts to tackle global challenges.

The Royal Commission into the Robodebt Scheme has been extended.

The CSIRO has been criticised over the findings of a report on fracking in the Beetaloo Basin.

New research suggests young kids are kind and compassionate until it comes at a personal cost.

The proportion of Australian children enrolling in public schools is declining.

Experts say that in order to reduce the threat of superbugs, the world must cut down on pollution.

Social science experts appear no better at predicting future social trends than laypeople.

Researchers have discovered a chemical in mushrooms that magnifies memory by boosting nerve growth.

Experts are pushing for the establishment of an Australian Centre for Disease Control.

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