The Federal Government has launched an independent review into the Australian Research Council Act 2001.

The South Australian government is kicking banks out of schools.

Australian researchers are analysing the first datable Mars rock samples.

Australian researchers have uncovered the oldest known evidence of a rare genetic condition.

CSIRO has charted Australia’s preparedness for the next pandemic.

Australia’s e-safety commission has reminded the big online platforms of their safety obligations.

The federal government is being pushed to raise Jobseeker to $70 a day.

Experts say there may be some simple ways to improve resilience to online misinformation.

Australian equipment and knowledge will help NASA return to the Moon.

Western Australia has become the last state to offer free period products in public secondary school.

Teachers say they want support for more ‘nature play’ in primary education.

A major think tank says education must be at the centre of Australia’s new skills regime.

Government analysis suggests crime increased in areas trialling cashless debit card programs.

The Federal Government has called a ‘Robodebt’ royal commission.

Australian scientists have, for the first time, bred captive corals months outside of their natural reproductive window.

Scientists have discovered a material that appears to have a ‘memory’, despite having no brain.

The SA Government has announced a $2 million funding boost for a support service combatting workplace sexual harassment.

A new lab could make regional Victoria a hot spot in the hunt for dark matter.

Two former judges in the US have been charged over a scheme to send children to private prisons for kickbacks.

Staff at WA’s Curtin University are considering industrial action.

The unemployment rate has fallen because fewer people are looking for jobs.

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