Researchers say there is no clear medical definition of “growing pains”.

Experts want new laws to stop people from making vaping look cool.

New research finds that spending time playing video games may not impact wellbeing.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has put forth a proposal to change the constitution to create an Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

The Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE) has opened applications for its new women in STEM program.

Google has hired Australian researchers to build apps for its quantum computer.

ANU researchers have developed a new way to synthesise bicyclic peptides, which could have major implications for drug research.

A former Queensland education bureaucrat was paid $630,000 while suspended during a corruption probe.

New legislation is aimed at restoring the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC)’s A-grade status.

New data shows Australia is still failing to hit most of its Closing the Gap targets.

Australia’s top science body has laid out the seven ‘megatrends’ it thinks will define the next 20 years.

Marine scientists have discovered that whale sharks eat plants, making them the world’s largest omnivore.

Russia is pulling out of the International Space Station (ISS) in 2024 to focus on its own version.

Mining companies say the sector is facing a critical worker shortage.

The Australia Space Agency’s first spacecraft has been booked for launch.

Experts have unveiled the ‘Huntsman Telescope’: a “first of its kind” array in the Southern Hemisphere to study the faintest, most elusive clues to better understand galaxy lifecycles.

Childcare workers will strike in September, with their union claiming the sector needs a serious overhaul.

Students at a Victorian TAFE centre are having their qualification delayed due to issues with the provider.

New research suggests belief in conspiracy theories may not be increasing.

Teachers are sounding the alarm on school vaping.

Australian researchers have linked the collapse of an ancient Mayan city to drought.

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