A strip of seagrass off the coast of WA has been named the largest known plant on Earth.

The WHO has published new stats on the damage tobacco causes to both the environment and human health.

Victoria’s skills minister says her state’s system should be replicated on a national scale.

The NSW Government has announced $9.5 million worth of funding to build the largest government-run autonomous vehicle testing site in the southern hemisphere.

Australian researchers have discovered new details behind peanut allergy remission in children.

New South Wales has launched the largest school-based renewable energy trial in Australia.

The WA Government has created a strike team to help departments and agencies to improve their cybersecurity posture.

A small study suggests pandemic distress may affect foetal brain development.

One of Australia's leading science bodies says it should have been more vocal in its support for carbon capture and storage (CCS).

University of Sydney researchers have secured over $12 million in clinical trial funding.

University leaders are urging the new Labor government to prioritise funding issues.

A suspended Queensland deputy director-general has been found to have committed misconduct ...

A new study suggests virtual reality has the power to transform the day-to-day lives of aged care residents.

Australian experts are pushing to reduce the high failure rates in drug discovery and development.

Tech advocates are urging the new Australian Government to urgently decarbonise the economy and invest in the STEM workforce.

Australian academics have successfully pushed for the review of a historic murder case.

Australia’s biggest universities want the new federal government to focus on education as a major driver of economic growth.

New analysis suggests many private schools that received JobKeeper pandemic payments increased their income.

Australia is failing at maths.

CSIRO is starting work on medicinal psychedelics.

The Great Barrier Reef last year saw its hottest December on record since 1900.

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