Major universities have backed calls for the creation of a new body focussed on funding defence-related research.

The UN says girls’ performance in maths is “starting to add up to boys”.

NSW teachers will strike next week over pay and conditions.

Scientists have found new evidence that life on Earth came from meteorites.

The Federal Government has been urged to increase university funding to save the higher education sector.

A new survey suggests Australians are lagging behind in their willingness to change carbon-creating habits.

A UN report warns humanity is in a ‘spiral of self-destruction’.

Two universities have secured new funding to develop and build Australia's sovereign defence industry.

Boys continue to outnumber girls at NSW’s selective schools.

A juvenile centre dubbed “dehumanising” by a WA judge has been granted over $25 million for upgrades.

Welfare management could become voluntary after the next federal election.

A NSW government agency wants data on links between the availability of alcohol and domestic violence.

Aphantasia - an inability to create mental images - can be seen in the pupils.

An official report reveals serious barriers in accessing health care for Canberra's transgender community.

CSIRO has announced $50 million in new investments towards growing national issues.

Services Australia says it is scrapping historical medical record requests...

Expert groups have welcomed funding they say will supercharge Australia’s global sci-tech profile.

Experts say that strict adherence to the COP26 climate goals should keep global warming to 2℃.

Mathias Cormann says Australia should increase foreign aid funding, despite having played a role in cutting billions...

A new study suggests peers can help cut juvenile re-offending.

Australia’s official unemployment rate remains at 4 per cent.

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