Climate scientists warn that climate change is now a threat to human wellbeing.

Analysts say private school funding has increased at five times the rate of public schools.

A federal government review says paying teachers $130,000 would attract high achievers to the job.

Meat-eating appears to extend human life expectancy worldwide.

Australian researchers are archiving the orchestra of the ocean.

Scientists are using a football field-sized synchrotron to examine individual grains of rice.

The Federal Government has put up over $800 million for new Antarctic activities, but the funds are not a matter of pure research.

Melbourne private school Haileybury has been convicted and fined a total of $140,000 after a grounds worker died when he was struck by a tree branch in 2018.

Cognitive behavioural therapy has been tested on the symptoms of gaming and internet addiction.

Universities are outraged by a federal decision to veto Australian Research Council (ARC) funding.

Local experts have made a major advance in neurological research - growing live brain cells from patients, in a petri dish.

A new report says teachers in Australian schools do not get enough time to prepare well for class.

NASA will let the International Space Station (ISS) plummet back to Earth in 2031.

The IPCC is beginning the process to approve its latest report on impacts of climate change.

Experts say Australia must act now to avoid online interference in the upcoming federal election.

Exercise appears to alter human brain chemistry to protect ageing synapses.

Anxiety about vaccine safety could be driving parents to seek information from other sources.

Scientists say a lifetime of knowledge clutters older people's memories.

Including desire and pleasure in sex ed classes appears to encourage condom use.

A high-tech space communications site has opened in South Australia.

Research has found a positive link between participation in sport and academic performance.

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